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Choose the right professional drone training provider and you will succeed in the bright future of the drone industry. Get the core building blocks of a successful career with both A2CofC and GVC qualifications in 1 great course for the same price as a GVC.

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The GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) replaced the PfCO in January 2021. You’ll need one to obtain Operational Authorisation for commercial work. Having the GVC under your belt will ensure optimum performance as a drone pilot and enable you to appeal to the ever-increasing numbers of drone companies looking to employ our graduates.

First things first though. You need to obtain a drone and a Flyer ID. The Flyer ID is a process run by the CAA that requires ALL pilots of drones to be registered. We will guide you through that process as part of the course. Our shop sells the latest drone technology so have a chat with us about your requirements and we can give you our expert advice on your investment. Then we start your training.

If you are a current PfCO holder we can offer you a conversion course to qualify you for the GVC. Non-Flyby PfCO holders can book here > and Flyby Graduates can book here >


We have a selection of face to face learning modules that we can run in COVID compliant conditions in an online classroom and you can even take the closed book examination online at the end. Yes, there is an examination, but no test is hard if you know the answers! Our instructors are experts from manned aviation training and will get you to the required standard with courseware designed specifically for optimum retention by pilots, giving you the confidence to think and act appropriately in any scenario.

Once you have finished absorbing the theoretical knowledge, we will work with you to construct your Operations Manual (OM). It is a sort of Haynes Manual of how you intend to operate your drone. We will construct your OM with you and remove the pain of this otherwise daunting process! We will discuss how you wish to operate and together we will construct a document that you can follow easily and be incredibly proud of.


Then we need to test your ability to operate your drone using what you have learned and in accordance with the description of your operation in your OM.

We do this in a live Flight Skills Test with one of our friendly and understanding examiners. We have all been in your position and our examiners will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Due to the fact that all of our instructors are either ex-fighter pilots, combat helicopter pilots or CAA examiners you will learn a lot on your test too. It is not a test of your flying. It is a test of everything. The examiner might write a few sentences about your flying but they are going to be much more interested in how you bring together what you have learned. You are bound to make mistakes. We all do; we are much more interested in how you recover from those mistakes. How you step over the problem you have just solved, so you can be robust for the next problem coming down the tracks.

We also want to see how you learn from your successes. People like us have many more successes than failures. So, let’s learn from those instead. That way we are always better tomorrow than we were today. We train pilots like you to the highest standard because we believe in you, we believe in our “Flyby Family” being considered as the best in the business.

Once you have passed, we will issue you with certificates showing that you met the Flyby Technology standard. There is no higher accolade in the business!


Although you are now free to ride off into the sunset to carve your niche as a pro drone pilot, that is not the end of our relationship. We are proud of the ongoing support the “Flyby Family” offers in our Mentoring Programme. A selection of our pilots take advantage of our free Flyby Family Mentoring which gives you one-to-one access to your own manned-aviation expert! It will save you huge amounts of research time, or make or break the success of a job when you just need an answer to that one question! As key players in the drone industry, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of drone capabilities and are able to offer the latest innovative course options so you can expand your repertoire as a drone pilot.

You can add an Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) module that allows you to fly your drone further away than 500m. You can add that at the start of your journey and we can test those procedures in your FST; or you can come back later to complete it. Your choice. Later in your career journey you can take our Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) course. This will future proof your career and demonstrate to the drone community you are a serious contributer in the industry.

We keep in touch with your business or career, you should keep an eye on our site as we will be hiring pilots we have trained for our operations in the various industries that we support. You could find yourself in our flight centres flying a 150kg rig to and from the ocean-based structures or in the mountains of Scotland moving saplings up mountainsides!


Flyby GVC training and flight skills package: £1450 + VAT

Includes the GVC and A2CofC giving you the full range of permissions currently offered by the CAA for your professional operation.

Included Online elements

  • Ground school training in a live Zoom classroom
  • Proctored, CAA approved written exam

Included Face-to-face elements

  • Flyby flight skills training day - convenient location, for experienced flyers and beginners. Build your skills and confidence, recover from disorientation, learn to fly dynamically and find out what you can really do with your drone.
  • Flight Skills Test

GVC Ground school, written exam and Flight Skills Test only, no flight skills training: £999 + VAT

PfCO to GVC Conversion courses are available at a reduced cost for non-Flyby PfCO holders at £750 + VAT or Flyby PfCO holders at £599 + VAT. Book your conversion course here >


Opportunity awaits, so invest in yourself and book on to your Flyby GVC course today. We look forward to welcoming you.

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